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An attorney will file your immigrant worker petition (I-140). During this process, your USCIS fees (government filing fees) will be paid. Next, we help arrange your Consulate Interview and prepare you.


We consult with you to determine the best immigration strategy to meet your needs and the needs of the sponsor employers.  We provide case management from the start of your case until it is completed.


We will help you until the end - from finding housing to local schools for your children. These basic settlement services are included in your fee. Our priority is for you and your family to receive a green card to the United States

NewLife USA currently offers 2 programs - Unskilled and Skilled Employment.

** We are not immigration attorneys, we are consultants with experience in legal EB-3 Immigration to the United States


2 types of Programs

1. Skilled workers - Most need to have professional degrees. i.e. nurses, doctors, medical professionals

2. Unskilled Workers - Anyone qualifies. i.e. janitor, box packer, cafeteria worker

  • The EB-3 Program is designed to assist U.S. Employers that are experiencing chronic labor shortages and are unable to fill positions with qualified U.S. workers.

  • The job must be full-time and non-seasonal

  • The program allows these employers to sponsor qualified foreign workers to fill those job openings through permanent residency immigration.

  • The EB-3 Visa leads to U.S. Permanent Residence- also known as a Green Card.

  • Spouse and dependent children of sponsored workers also receive a green card.


3 Step Process

     1.  Labor Certification  |   US Department of Labor

     2.  I-140 (Work Permit)   |    US Citizenship and Immigration Services

     3. Change of Status OR Consular Processing   |    US Department of State 

  • You may choose the job and location you would like from a list of available Sponsors.

  • A phone interview will be conducted to inform you of the job duties, location, wage and benefits.

  • There are Service Fees, Legal Fees and USCIS Fees that must be paid throughout the process.

  • Absolutely No fees or reimbursements are paid to your employer sponsor directly or indirectly for job offer and employment sponsorship.

  • You may apply to change your nonimmigrant status if:
    * Your nonimmigrant status (F1 Student Visa) remains valid
    * You have not violated the conditions of your status
    * You have not committed any crimes that would make you ineligible. 


The processing time for an EB-3 visa can vary based on many factors, not all of them within your, the employer, or attorney’s control. These are estimates based on real experience. 

  • Labor Certification      6-9 Months

  • I-140 Approval             2-6 Months

  • EAD Approval              3 Months

  • Green Card Issue        2 Months

EAD is your work permit. With no audits the fastest to receive your Green Card is about 18 months if you are outside of USA and 12 months with a change of student visa. 

You will have your EAD before your Green Card and you can begin working for your employer sponsor then. 


These are the current locations available. We are in the process of adding additional partnerships. Please check back with us. 


Nursing Assistant / Registered Nurse - 3 year commitment*

Anderson, SC                  Walterboro, SC                  Bay Minette, AL 

Charlotte Hall, MD         Huntsville, AL


Janitorial Services

Greenville, SC                 Columbia, SC                     Walterboro, SC

Charleston, SC                Anderson, SC

Cafeteria Food Prep

Anderson, SC

Walterboro, SC

Box Packer

Gastonia, NC 

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